The Ephemerality of Time and Actions

TIME waits for no man!!!

Time is abstract; as we know👀. It can either be maximized or minimized depending on the actions taken in those "little" moments.

An action is something done concerning almost anything. It could be abstract, but most times physical.
Abstract Action: Thinking of a path to follow.
Physical Action: Following the path.
Just in case you were wondering🙂.

Even though it waits for no one, it can be managed well. How do you manage yours?

As one thinks of how to manage ones time, questions like these flow into ones mind:
How do you manage time?
How can you monitor your usage?
How can you be extremely efficient and not waste it?

Many other "hows" pop into your mind. This is saddening because it may cause one to be overwhelmed at a point in time.

The best part is there’s a common answer to all, knowing yourself.

How exactly does this work?🤔
It works by knowing your limits, knowing your pros and cons, knowing how you work generally, things you do to overcome some hardships you may face along the way and knowing what hours fit you best.

Are you a night person or a morning person?
Are you one who plans, schedule or go with the flow?
Do you have some specific things you do each day that need not be bothered?
Do you have a steady pattern you work with that has proven efficient for you?
Do you shut down when you face problems, work around them or ignore?

Do you work well with others or not?

Do you need help in some of your work?

This only takes a part of the surface while you figure out the rest, hectic😥 but worth it😃. It all depends on you🤗.

All these come into play in your mind, and with answers, you can work towards getting better at it all. Once these are established, answers to the “hows” will be realised.

One can never get answers to everything in this world as confusion can come at any time. One only needs to be prepared to take measures when need it to be with the little answers given to such questions. These could be control measures which take hold of a situation or those which kill the thought. It all goes back to who you are.

So what do you do exactly when all these have been put in place?Work towards your goal and review based on your strategy. Try others and assess yourself, that way you get the best fit.

Thank you for your time🤓. Share and comment, I’m grateful.🤗

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