A Deliriously Lucid Perspective in Writing

Stories are generally used to express thoughts, tell tales and many more. It could be in different forms; true life, fiction, non-fiction... and in several genres depending on the writer.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/B6yDtYs2IgY

Here’s one of mine and it’s up to you to define where it falls.🙂


Creating a new character was hard as I had to make up my mind for a lot of things. I never had a gender preference because it was a grave topic in the world, always judgy…

Blogging and Me

This is my first award nomination and I’m excited. I thank Aizen Kuro for nominating me in his WordPress blog. Check out his blog on his bio.

These were his questions alongside my answers😌

If you had to put a song on repeat for a day, what…

Human Rights and Feminism

“The world is fast evolving in almost everything”, many say just like I did in the last post, but continue nonchalantly with whatever primitive thoughts they have, live with continual reference to the past and no actual consensus is ever established. We all know many human…

#2020, The world in my eyes.

The world is fast evolving as said everywhere, only this year was there a pause. A “slight ” one😷.

It all began with the news, always giving us too much useful information. The next was the all-glorious social media which came with a lot…

So this has been one of the Best Ramadan so far, to me, due to the considerate amount of supposed inactive time. As regards the pandemic, we will still stay safe but God will see us through it all and as regards Worldly activities … it is what it is.😌


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